In the heart of the commercial district of Haifa is a law firm with the domestic and international experience to represent your best interests in Israel and abroad. The Ariela Rosenthal Sudry Law Office & Notary Public is managed by Ariela Rosenthal Sudry and offers professional, effective and creative solutions suited to each client's individual needs in matters of commercial and civil law.

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Ariela Rosenthal Sudry, Law, Notary was born in Switzerland in 1971. She has her LLB and LLM from the University of Zurich and entered the Israeli Bar Association in 1999. She interned at the Ministry of Justice in Jerusalem in the Counseling and Legislation Department. Our office will work closely with you to give you the legal support you need in four languages: English, French, German, Italian & Hebrew.

When you hire the Ariela Rosenthal Sudry Law Office & Notary Public, you are not just retaining the services of an excellent legal professional, you are assuring yourself the peace of mind that your case is in the hands of the best.

The firm is proud of its extensive expertise in the following fields:

  • Contract Law: business deals and commercial transactions
  • Property Law: lease, sale and purchase of land internationally and in Israel
  • Family Law: divorce, pre-nuptial agreements, youth and custody
  • Inheritance Law: wills, estates and probation
  • Financial Law: collections, bankruptcy, receivership, debt arrangements with banks and creditors
  • Labor Law: employees and employers
  • For your convenience the following notary services are provided in seven languages: (English, French, German, Hebrew, Dutch, Spanish and Italian)
    • Power of attorney
    • Signature verification
    • Certification of true copies
    • Notarized translations
    • Notary affidavits
    • Verifications of Life
    • Approval of pre-nuptial agreements
    • Notarized wills
    • Preparation of marine or ship protests in cases of inventory damage
    • Authentication & witness the execution of negotiated documents
    • Apostilles & Exemplifications

Our office is committed to work diligently for you and give you the personalized, straight forward and excellent customer service that you deserve. 

To arrange a meeting with Ariela Rosenthal Sudry, Law, Notary or for any questions you may have please contact us